About Us

24/7 Best Deals  is a Norwegian Registered Company

We are a small company with Partners in China. We sell various products with competitive prices. Because we are a small company we extend ourself far to help our customers. Our support is "reward" winning, we love all our customers. Unlike some other big branded shopping websites, we reply fast, find solutions to issues as fast as possible. Well the best way to experience our customer service, products and brand is to try us yourself.

Our Story

24/7 Best Deals launched in august 2016 and is the finished product after years with failing.

The owner of 24/7 best deals started this project after he lost his third job. He learned coding websites, making apps and marketing. He started as an affiliate marketer and promoting products online. But he wanted to make his own brand, not promoting some other company's brand. So he saved all the money he made. He managed to land a successful deal with a reliable supplier and started to build a website, this website.