Size: 170*105*50mm

Net weight: 446g


The kit includes:

1, the butterfly handle large flint;

2, multi-function scraper;

3. High frequency double hole whistle;

4, strong light flashlight;

5, portable knife;

6, the army knife card;

7, copper shell compass;

8, portable key light;

9, tungsten steel broken window defense pen;

10. First aid blanket;

11, survival line saw;

12, MOLLE water bottle hanging buckle;

13, large waterproof and shockproof storage box.



This enhanced version of the 13-piece suit is based on the original 10-piece survival box, adding a very practical outdoor line saw, a rescue blanket and a water bottle shackle that can match the MOLLE system of the backpack, which is more collectible.

The living tools for storage are versatile, and there are dozens of functions in a few simple tools to meet the various needs encountered in the outdoor survival process.

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