Electric barber for men
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product description
1. Product Name: Men's Electric Hair Clipper / Oil Head Scissors
Model: JD-910-911-913 (function is the same, the body is slightly different)
Input voltage: 5V-1000mA (USB)
  Power: 3w
Charging time: 8 hours (rechargeable battery, 500 mA x 2 only)

Details of the advantages
1. This newly designed electric hair clipper is small in size, suitable for furniture or travel, fast, comfortable, convenient and easy to operate.
2. Push-type switch design, feel the convenience of digital products
3. Use universal voltage, USB power supply, mobile phone power supply, computer interface can be charged
4. Built-in nickel-hydrogen battery, function charge and discharge protection, low voltage reminder and other functions
5. Switch two gear position adjustment, high speed and low speed can be freely selected, T-design, can cut head and oil head
LED indicator: When charging, the red light of this product lights up, indicating that it is in normal charging state. When it is full, the red light turns blue and the charging is over. When it is used, the blue light is always on, and the red light flashes when the power is turned on. Indicates that the battery is low and needs to be charged in time before it can be used.

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